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A new home for my computer.

The switchover of my telephone and DSL service from my old room to the new house took all day yesterday because two cards had to be switched somewhere at the telephone office. Meanwhile I prepared for the move by taking my DSL "modem", my router, my phone and my answering machine to the new house and wiring them up. This was followed by my power supply and power strip, both APC and both reporting faulty wiring because of the bad grounding.

But by five in the afternoon the switchover was complete. I moved my computer and set it up. The computer is working as it should. I do, however, need a new mouse pad.

The computer is in a temporary spot until I figure out how to wire an extension to the upper room. During my examination of the phone wiring I found an ant highway, which I disrupted with some Terro ant poison.

Also, I have found that if you open the windows in the morning, then close and shutter them a little before noon, the house is not so hot.

Today I moved some miscellaneous stuff here. I am waiting for four bookcases from Target to arrive here, so I can continue to move the rest of my books. I also am waiting for my brother to come over and install the fuel pump that arrived in this morning's mail in the hope that this was the only problem with my car.

I do not know how it is that when I am gone the public printers decide to pester the rest of the LITS staff. They have had to install maintenance kits (fuser and rollers) on two printers. Then they find that the printers are still demanding kits because, unless you press two buttons in a certain way while turning the printers back on, the printers will not know that new kits have been installed in them.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 15 July 2007.