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Last Day of Vacation

Today is the last day of my vacation, and as such I decided to just enjoy it before I have to go to work tomorrow. All of my heavy furniture except the big white bookcase has been moved into my new house and positioned mostly where I want them. I mowed the lawn with my new manual reel mower. And my computer cart is now in the kitchen holding up my new microwave oven. The cart got there with the Aspire, which is now running — after a fashion. I got the call Saturday morning that my brother Bill had come and was installing a new fuel pump. So I walked over to find the install was finished. I was in time to start the car to test the pump — and it started! It also ran with a squeal for a few seconds before settling down. Sounds like your alternator is next, the Bill noted. Yes, but for the moment the car is running! The alternator can wait for the trip to the mechanics to get the alarm system removed. The car is now under the maple in my court. This afternoon, after I clean off the car and put in some gas, I want to Lowe's to get some lawn bags and a new microwave oven. I have tested the oven with some Orville Redenbacker's popcorn, which the oven heated to perfection. It also heated my oatmeal in ninety seconds, although the consistency makes me think I was better off with the tea kettle. I am more or less comfortable in my new house except during the late afternoon, when it is the hottest. I may well take up the offer of an air conditioner after I look at my first electric bill to see how much I am consuming so far.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 17 July 2007.