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Phone Cable (Again) plus House Lot

phone cable redux

Telephone cable wiring redux went down okay, now that I know what I am doing, and that I know where the wire exit is. The cable works but the static is still there. The power meter is still messing with the signal with its magnetic field. I will ask the phone company on what to do next.

old computer

Meanwhile I have refurbished my old Gateway computer and plan to install a new copy of Windows XP service pack two. (The computer came with the original XP, which Microsoft won't even touch now.) After all the drivers are installed, I will test the phone/DSL on the computer. If it is good, I will run updates on the computer, because after all this time I will need a DSL line to download and install all the updates XP will need.

I have bought another foldable five-foot table for the upper room. Now I have two such tables, and intend to use both for my computer equipment.


I have looked over the parcel info on my new house. Apart from the owner (it's still listed under the previous owner even though the county knows it's mine), the information is accurate.

Evidently the house was a repo sold to a couple who remodeled the house, then sold it to the owner before me (for incredible profit), who in turn sold it to me (for a modest profit). The wood desk and the utility shed are included in the parcel info; for some reason the basketball court is not.

The house was built shortly after World War II. The utility shed was build in 1960. The court was laid in 1997 (it is signed and dated in one corner). The remodelers built the wood desk; they foolishly covered the crawlspace entrance, forcing the previous owner to rip out a corner of the deck to get to it. The remodelers all supplied the appliances, including the rented water heater. The previous owner had the furnace installed a year ago.

my house a couple of years ago

The parcel information includes a picture of the house when the assessor paid a visit. It was probably just after the remodelers were in the process of fixing the house. The front door, fake shutters and mail box were still in their original colors. The two dead trees along Buckeye Street were still alive. And there was a green picket fence in back.

my house

Needless to say, the house looks different now.

The house is a good house, but I still have my work cut out for me. The mailbox (just visible next to the front door) will have to go, as I am tired of getting wet mail. The bushes are all dead and will have to be uprooted and chopped up in the fall. The chimney needs fixing up, and those antennae on top will have to go and the top capped off. Oh, and the dead trees are going bye-bye, even if I have to hire someone to cut them down.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 1 August 2007.