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Fourth of July


The fireworks on the evening of the third in Fairmount's Playacres Park were good — some were spectacular — but very long. They started late due to daylight saving time (10 p.m.) and lasted more than an hour. It was so long some of the spectators were leaving before the fireworks were over. But overall it was a good show.

fourth of july

On the fourth of July itself, I had home-made pizza for lunch with the folks. Then I went to Muncie to shop at Petsmart for a catbox, litter and food for the cat who is coming this weekend. I also bought a hose and portable storage rack at Lowe's, and used it to water the lawn while watching my neighbor's family crowd around their mother's house for a barbacue.

bad gateway

I also worked to revive my old Gateway. And while I succeeded in authenticating Windows on the box, I found that the hard disk is trashed. The damage was manifesting itself with Windows Update refusing to run, but I had no idea of the cause until I ran CHKDSK. That was when I saw the flood of bad sectors and corrupted files. And this was a new install of Windows, folks! :(

I could only do Windows Authentication after hooking up my DSL modem and router to the Gateway. Although reviving the Gateway is now in vain until the hard disk is replaced, I have learned that the DSL will work on the telephone line in the upper room. That means I can move my computer and equipment upstairs after the electrician looks over my house circuitry tomorrow.

vacation for sister

My sister the editor is planning a vacation trip to some island in Michigan later this summer. To prepare for the vacation, which involves lots of hiking, she has been walking in the evening for distances of up to seven miles (11 km), freaking drivers who see her flashing light in her back pocket.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 5 August 2007.