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Isis my cat

I have been buying cat food and other stuff, preparing for the past few days for the coming of Isis, one of my teacher sister's cats. My sister has always been bugging me to move out of the folks' house so that she can foist Isis on me. She and the cat do not get along.

Anyway, I had intended to move the cat into the house yesterday evening. But while I was doing yard work (which I just finished this evening) my sister drives up with Isis in a pet carrier. Then she proceeds to go to the bathroom and let Isis stay there for an hour on the idea that this would acclimatize the cat to the house. The problem with that is that the bathroom is hot and stuffy: It has no windows, just a ceiling fan: Not the most pleasant experience to a cat.

As soon as my sister left, I let Isis out into the rest of the house. I gave the cat a lot of petting to assure her that the house is not so bad. She is not used to the linoleum floor in the kitchen or work room. I had to feed it in the living room for the first day. But in time hunger got the better of her: She will eat in the kitchen, and she will dump in the catbox in the work room: Then she leaves at once.

I think she will be okay. I got her some toys to play with while I am at work. She likes the carpet (a little too much, the way she works it with her claws).

It has been hot this weekend. I run the air conditioner in my room in the evening, then the fan at night because the A/C is too noisy. I manage to sleep despite the heat, the humidity and (now) Isis' attempts to nodge me out of the bed.

Work has been fairly quite. I would like to get the auxillary digital document system up and running, but my attempts to download Fedora Core 6 have failed. The images I downloaded and burned onto disks are crufty and useless. I will have to order CDs; they should be in by tomorrow afternoon.

I am having trouble with the iMacs. The quick network logon setup I did last week is having some after-effects that are annoying both to myself and to our patrons. I will fix them in the coming reimaging.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 9 August 2007.