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Graduation (again)

I have read the account of my sister the editor on last Saturday's graduation.

I remember being at the ceremony where my sister got her master's. It was out in the sun and the ceremony took place in what looked like an open pit. I can imagine it was hot down there. I do not remember the actual ceremony, apart from a Ball State history professor getting her doctorate.

Yes, it seems those Harry Potter books were everywhere. They were certain at Marsh's, the supermarket where I shop when I want something non-perishable. But from what Madre told me, the server at MacDonald's said something to the effect that if they carried Harry Potter books she would be reading it herself (implied: rather than serving my sisters or anyone else).

Yes, the seats and the entrances were very high above the stadium floor. My complaint is not the height (I can tolerate heights well), but with the seats. Those were made of hard plastic because, no matter how much basketball is god in Indiana, Ball State is not about to spring for upholstered seats like they have at IU's arena.

Okay, a rather terrifyingly skinny, barely clothed, yodeling-Queen-tunes-at-the-top-of-her-lungs teenager. It is evident that my sister had not seen the younger niece in a long, long time. I have seen the hyperactive niece for myself not one year ago — and had to recover from the fact that she was no longer an infant, which made me feel very old indeed. But what on god's earth was my younger niece doing singing songs by Queen? It would be understandable if she were singing We Are The Champions, but otherwise songs by Queen are, like, ancient history: right back there with the Beatles, the Drifters, Elvis, Glenn Miller or whatever else they're playing on WFBQ.

I really regret not having been to the post-grad party, but I did not really know where mia nevino lived. I send her finals survival packages every semester, but then I forget the address and have to keep asking Madre or digging in the campus phone book for it.

Today there is no work on the repository. I did work on the iMacs and found that SeaMonkey, the continuation of the Netscape Communicator suite that Netscape itself abandoned, has a Mac version that:

This is definitely going into the Macs, hopefully in time for the Fall semester.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 25 August 2007.