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Vacation Day

I took yesterday off, originally due to a doctor's appointment that was then rescheduled for next Tuesday. But in that single day I did get a lot done.


I carried out of my room the big white bookcase, which was my folks' since I was a kid growing up in a sparse Marion subdivision. I left it on the porch until this afternoon because it was too small for my car, and Madre had the van for the morning. Later that afternoon I cleaned the dirt and scrapes off of every painted surface with several of those foamy Magic Erasers. The bookcase will get spray-painted white sometime this weekend.

The bookcase will go under the stairs and receive the less-read from among my books on the bottom shelves and knickknacks on top. Then I will decide whether I will need to order more bookcases for the upper room.


The static has disappeared from the phone line upstairs, although I have had to reboot the DSL modem from time to time. But the line downstairs is full of endless white noise, making talking over the phone and answering-machine messages difficult to listen to.

I talked with the phone company. They sent a technician to examine the phone line, put clips to get the lines off the ground, and put in a filter on the downstairs phone line to mask out the noise. Now I can hear clearly on the phone.


The upper room window is one of my major house projects. I wanted the window dealt with because it makes the upper room look like a sauna from outside. To summarize, the seals on both panes are broken, and water has condensed in them; the condensation in the bottom pane is so bad that it has standing water a centimeter deep; and the screen is torn in one place. I don't know it got this way, except that it is facing the west, where the worst of the rain comes down on the house.

I visited a place called Cunningham Glass in Gas City. I explained the problem I am having with the west window in the upper room. I was given a quote of ninety dollars if I bring all three components to be measured. I will do this Saturday morning.


Another project is to take Isis to a vet to have the bump on her neck looked at. Isis has had this bump for a long time. She probably got it from a wound inflicted from one of the new cats my sister the teacher brought from Bloomington. The wound swelled into a tumor that oozes every now and then. The tumor had stabilized such that it has not grown or shrank for over a year or two. When I got the cat, I determined to have that tumor out.

Isis was not a happy kitty in the least when I put her in the pet carrier. The carrier is a little small for such a big cat. She was mewing all the way to the vet and all the way back.

The veterinarian clinic is new for Fairmount (which has gone for years without one), and is a nice clean neat place. I carried Isis into a cat examination room, where the assistant weighted Isis and examined her. Then the veterinarian did a more detailed examination, as well as gave Isis her rabies shot and fed her deworming medicine.

And then, the main reason for the visit: I scheduled Isis for surgery to remove the tumor and to determine whether the tumer was benign or aggressive. I will drop off Isis before I go to my doctor's appointment.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 3 September 2007.