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Battle of the Ants

Yesterday morning I was engaged in the battle of the ants, which have invaded my kitchen and my bathroom again. This time they formed a trail that led into my living room. I fought them with paper towels, grease stray, and vacuum cleaner. I found that the stove was not as heavy as I thought, thereby discovering a large grease spill used by the ants as a rest stop (a permanent one for some). That was cleaned up. Finally I discovered the points where the ants were entering the house (the crack between the bottom and back of the bathroom sink cabinet and the space around an old gas pipe), and caulked them shut. There was not much else to do that day because of heavy rains there were rare this summer. Today someone came to my door this morning and asked for the wood from the two dead trees. Tina had waited too long to do anything about my offer, so I let the guy and his daughter load the big and medium pieces into his truck. The smaller pieces and the branches were moved to alongside the street for the street department to pick up, along with the yard waste of both the tree cutdowns and of lawn mowings from today and last week. Today's lawn mowing was more difficult than most, partly because of the dead tree pieces in the way, partly because the heavy rain from yesterday made the grass grow nice and luxuriant — and more difficult to push the reel mower. I better lose some weight for this! Also today I moved my old desk from my old bedroom to my new one. I have had the old desk since I was a kid. It will need cleaned out a little (it has stationary and writing stuff that needs moved to the upper room), but it should be okay.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 26 September 2007.