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Miscellany for the First of September

The trees are finally gone: The town's street department took the last of the branches. My sister the teacher is not a happy camper, but I did wanted that stuff off my lawn while I still had grass there. Speaking of grass, I tried the sharpening kit on the old lawn mower I got from my sister. You paint some blue grit gel on the edges of the blades and rotate them for ten minutes. That sharpened the blades enough to cut the grass on a test section of lawn. I am impressed with the results, and know that I can keep my current mower sharp for the next few years. The next project is fixing the chimney before the winter. This is the Labor Day weekend -- popularly the last summer vacation weekend, even though Ball State and other campuses have had their fall semesters for the past couple of weeks now. I bought a flag and base yesterday, and installed it this afternoon. The flag was really flapping in the strong wind. I plan to spend at least the Labor Day morning at work reimaging the iMacs, at least in the library's reference department. My first images slowed the iMacs down and often froze them on logout. I hope that the new images will fix the problem.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 1 October 2007.