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car accident in my front yard

I already cover my past few weeks in the Labor Day 2007 entry of my Web site. I would like to add a few things to that.

I had intended to go to work this morning long enough to reimage the iMacs in the library's reference unit. A bout of feverish nausea forced me to scuttle that plan. It is just as well that I did, though. If I were at work, I would have missed the accident.

To summarize the accident, a Buick going south down Buckeye ran the stop sign and bashed the side of a truck going down Fourth. As the truck came to a stop, the Buick rolled down Buckeye for half a block to a stop. The crash dented the driver's side of the truck and shattered the back window. It also smashed the front of the Buick. The old lady in the Buick was shaken; a passenger was bruised on the arm, and baby went into hysterics. Otherwise, nobody was seriously hurt. It is unlikely that the old lady will drive again; even if the car could be cheaply repaired, the State is unlikely to renew her license after an accident like that.

I would like to add that the neighborhood was quick to rush to the aid of both the family in the truck and the old lady in the Buick. I am glad to have moved here.

I also learned from the policeman on the scene a little more history of my house. I surmised that the house was repossessed; why else would a bank (Wells Fargo) hold title to it? I was told that the previous owners let the house go to seed. Evidently they let their mortgage payments go to seed as well, for their bank foreclosed, kicked them out, held the house for a while, and finally sold it to the couple who refurbished the house and in turn sold it to the guy who in turn sold it to me. That is pretty much the history of my house from the start of this decade.

Anyway, this afternoon I worked to remove the automobile glass from my yard. The shattering of the glass was bad enough, but there were a dozen people or so walking over the glass as well. It was not that hard to pick up the glass by hand — but there was a lot of glass! One of my neighbors saw me working away at the glass and lent me her shop-vac. I had to borrow an extension cord from the folks' and run it from the living room to power the shop-vac. It made sweeping up the glass a lot easier, but I still spent over two hours cleaning the glass shards out of a section of the yard about six or seven meters square.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 3 October 2007.