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museum days

this month's tasks

This month is when I plan to find a contractor to fix the chimney top. Also I will build and test the Janovac (more below). I will also start planning for next year: Landscaping around the house, rebuilding the deck, installing central air-conditioning.

museum days

I took Friday of last week off. I did three hours that morning working the phones for the pledge drive at IPR. Then I did another three hours in the afternoon at the Friends of the Fairmount Library book sale tent. It was not very busy, probably due to the vendors in front of the tent blocking the view of the tent. (That happened a couple of years ago, and I thought that was fixed.) On Saturday I ate breakfast at the Methodists; then I did another three hours at the tent, which were busier. I ate my annual elephant ear (deep-fried crepe brushed with butter and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon). I saw the grand parade, which was better this year. I did not visit the car show this year.

This was a better Museum Days than in previous years because it was sunny and pleasant through the whole weekend. The rain did not come until Monday morning.

This is my first Museum Days at the new house. I now live relatively far from the centers of the festival and the car show, so I do not see a lot of people walking down the street like I did at the folks'. There were a lot of cars, though, using Buckeye Street when the other north-south streets were full of traffic. I has worried that some tourist might park in my yard without my say-so; but nothing just that happened.

My neighbor across Buckeye Street seemed to be the only one who was making the most of the festival, with a small sun tent in his driveway and a barbecue in back.


The pico-PSU power supply for the Janovac arrived Tuesday afternoon. That evening I measured out a circle in one of the removable panels, used an awl and an Xacto knife to carve out a circle, and installed the jack to the power supply.

The Janovac is now powered. But seeing the power supply in the enclosure brings up some other issues that I will need to solve before adding the pico-ITX motherboard and the hard drive:

The next item will be the hard drive and its cables. For that I will visit Fry's on my way to a Whoosier Network meeting.

fund delay

I almost forgot: The county south of Fairmount, that shares a school district with it, finally finished its assessments. The school tax rate is set. The property tax bills will go out. I do not expect a big bill because I paid what I thought would be half my property tax a couple of months ago. Anyway, the library will be getting its draw after all; but I will hear more on that at the next library board meeting.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 4 November 2007.