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busy week — and Leopard

I came down with a serious cold last Thursday and had to go home that afternoon. I stayed home through the next day. While I was there I successfully installed Ubuntu Server 7.10 on the Janovac computer. This holds out hope that I can get a portable server up and running.

I waited until this past Tuesday to order the pico-ITX case from the only company that supplies it, only to find that the company ran out of cases almost immediately. Now I had to pre-order and must wait until next month.

The big maple tree in the back yard is turning colors and shedding leaves only now. I will probably be busy raking leaves for the next several weeks. At least I need not bag the things: The town has a leaf sweeper that will sweep up the leaves if I rake them to the side of the street.

At work I was very busy this week. I took an Office 2007 class Monday afternoon. On Tuesday I went to a seminar on ArcGIS Server at this conference center in what used to be Fort Harrsion in Indianapolis. On Wednesday and Thursday mornings I took a class on First Aid/CPR/defibulation on campus.

I wonder if I should note in the Fairmount Web Spot's museum page that the big tree in front of the museum was torn down the trunk of the tree by a gale; and that its north side crashed into the museum's porch. The gutter was torn off, but otherwise the museum suffered minimal damage. I knew the tree was old, but did not realize how rotted the heart of the tree was.

Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) comes out this evening. I hope to get a copy for my unit later next week, so that I can try it out on an iMac. This is a good thing because one of Leopard's features is the guest account: A throwaway account that releases its resources when its user logs out. If this account can store default settings for all applications (including Firefox), it will both make configuration easier and make network logons better.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 26 November 2007.