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work, halloween and frost (in reverse order)


The first frost of the season came this past weekend. I saw it Sunday morning on the grass in the front yard. This will mean the leaves in the big tree in the back will really change color throughout, not just at the edges. I just learned that the town leave sweeper has been put into service, so the fall leaf-raking season is on. I wish I had known that before bagging the first set of leaves.

This month I will be digging out the dead bushes around the house and shed. There is no point in wasting the soil that way; and besides, they block the lawn mower.

After that first frost I had to help the folks carry their plants off the front porch to the upstairs for the winter.


Halloween has just ended. There were a lot of kids out this year. It was not yet eight o'clock when I came back from visiting my sister, the library and the folks. The last two were almost out of candy; only my sister had plenty, and that was because her side of town had fewer trick-or-treaters.

I am not in the habit of distributing treats on Halloween. I didn't when I had housesitted at my other sister Tina's. I would not mind treating the locals; but for the past several years Fairmount has had trick-or-treaters bussed in from out-of-town. That is not fair to the local kids, and it abuses the generosity of those local citizens who choose to treat the kids.


I have the Windows version of EPrints running on a spare workstation. The Web server is acting in the most annoying fashion when the computer starts up; but once it behaves itself the repository works fine. Next comes the files that are unique to the BSU repository; then it will look just like the current test repository. The point of all this is that we can set up a repository on a Windows server, since doing so conforms to university computing policy.

The cartographic server, that I spent a day last week in Indianapolis learning about, now has someplace to reside. It is not a physical server but a virtual one: A program that emulates a physical server, on top of which is installed Windows Server 2003. The cartographic server requires a lot of infrastructure, so it will take a couple of days just to lay the foundation.

On top of five new MacBooks come eight new iMacs with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) as a separate DVD. I worked on one of the iMacs, and I am liking what I am seeing so far. I am having trouble with a couple of applications that fall outside the set of [Apple ? Microsoft ? Adobe]. The file/print sharing program DAVE is also not compatible with Leopard. I have a beta version running on the test iMac; but I will have to wait until the Leopard-compatible DAVE comes out before I can beginning to set up the new iMacs. The MacBooks, however, are already ready and will be available for checkout soon.Type your cut contents here.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 31 November 2007.