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A New Library Is Coming

I have the most excellent news: We got the grant!

The Fairmount Public Library has received a grant from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs of the State of Indiana. We got the grant on the second application this year. This grant will be used to purchase and remodel the buildings across the alley from the current library into a new Fairmount Public Library that will have more room for books, for computers, for a meeting room, for more work space — all the things that the current library does not have. It is a good thing for the whole community, of which the town can be proud, for which we will struggle against losing to possible consolidation.

There will be a presentation ceremony sometime after Thanksgiving to award the check to the town council (who supported our applications), the library board (including myself) and Linda the library director. I plan to be there.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 14 December 2007.