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another birthday goes by

My birthday has come and gone. I will not say how old I am now; but I am getting closer to AARP eligibility. I got a cool DVD with Milla Jovovitch, who has finally decided to bless the world with her superior genome. And I ate at the Olive Garden for lunch on the gift card I got from my sister Tina for XMas.

I have decided to downshift my main Web site and get a more identifiable and cheaper domain name. The Web site is andywest.org; it will be the new Dysmey Post after the current one is moved over in stages.

It is obvious that my house is not energy efficient. I knew that when I first saw the house and noticed that the snow was melting off the roof because heat was radiating between the rafters. I tried to close off the known drafts; and replacing the bad upper room window helped. But still I will have to adapt my sister Tina's habit of on gas bill payments to my electricity bill. For I heat my house electrically, and even though I set the thermostat to 68F, I still pay mucho dinero during the winter months.

Last week was library week for me, where I was at the first Friends of the Library meeting of the year as its president, and as secretary (approved for another year) of the library board the next evening.

My home town can look forward to a new library at the end of the year. Once the move to the new library is complete, the old building will be remodeled into meeting space. We thank the Office of Community and Rural Development for the grant that will allow us to carry this project through.

We will not thank the government and people of Madison County, because their assessments for the coming summer are going to be late again! That means people in the Madison-Grant area will not get their tax draws until after those fools in Anderson get their act together.

At work I have almost finished configuring the university's institutional repository. I am also preparing the new iMacs, two of which will have special software installed.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 16 January 2008.