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bad news for the home town

This has not been a good month for my home town. We are now without a drugstore for the first time in decades. The local pharmacy downtown has just announced in the town weekly that it is merging with a chain pharmacy in Gas City. I obviously cannot walk to the drugstore in Gas City like I could here at home, can I? I did not mind buying my test strips and lancets there. I could not buy much of anything else, however: Most of the non-medical stuff in that store was junk. If it were not, the store could have survived the growing difficulty in getting compensation from insurance companies and the Federal government. Now one of our better state senators is in the hospital with cancer. It is not known what form of cancer it is, but his status is set to be "critical". This was the politician who lent his support in getting the funding for us to build our new town library. Let us pray for his speedy recovery. Meanwhile, at work ...

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 23 January 2008.