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sunday miscellany

sunday lunch

Normally I would go over to the folks' house for Sunday lunch. But Madre is recuperating from surgery, so I made my own. I took a New York strip steak and marinated it overnight in red wine and steak seasonings. Then I broiled it for a half hour at 350° while frying up some Ore-Ida Zestie™ fries.


It is such a beautiful day outside. I took a walk around the north side of town: Visited the Village Pantry, walked past my sister Vickie's house, visited the town hall and told them one of the flags is hanging by a corner, visited the folks' house and replenished the pet food. That is a lot of exercise for a season when I get very little.


Yesterday I paid a rare visit to the White Rabbit Used Books store in the University Village. Every kind of used book is there. I bought three books of Guernsey's Best Plays that cover Caitlin Clarke's golden years in the New York theater, as well as a book on the art of minimalist graphic artist Patrick Nagel.

This, Danner's (a small bookstore with a nomadic existence), some book stores tailored to college students (TIS, CBX, and the on-campus Barnes & Noble) and a Books-A-Million in the local mall, constitute the only book stores in Muncie. Apart from the Books-A-Million, all the shops are concentrated around the Ball State campus. But White Rabbit is the closest thing that Muncie has to Von's in the Purdue Village; and you could fit the White Rabbit inside Von's! That tells you what kind of reading public Muncie has.


So far we are making progress on the new local library. The board has approved the plans for remodeling (although one of us preferred rubber tiling over carpet for the main section as easier to clean and repair). The next is accepting bids for the remodeling; and we are told that a lot of firms are interested.

The grant does not cover stacks shelving. I e-mailed the stacks supervisor at the Bracken, and was told that stacks shelving at least the kind used at the Bracken — is very expensive. It looks like we will have to look for donated shelving for our needs.


At work I have finished the two iMacs that go with the other workstations in the high-performance area in the Educational Resources section of the library. My next tasks are to re-image the remaining new iMacs and the other ones in Ed Res.


I am working to finish the new Web site by the end of this month. Once that is done, the Dysmey Post comes to an end, and I will transfer my dysmey.org over as an alias for my new one.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 17 February 2008.