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early march miscellany

The weather is start to improve, and it looks like the last of the winter storms is behind us. Those last two storms of snow and sleet and ice threw off a lot of people because they occurred in March, which most associate with spring rather than the winter it still is. The storms certainly forced me to put off travel to Indianapolis to attend a Whoosier Network meeting and cancelled a Friends of the Library meeting on Tuesday night.

The ice is taking its toll on my deck and my back gutter. As soon as the snow and ice melt away I will have to contract to have the back gutter (and the flashing under it) replaced. The deck itself will have to be disassembled, but before I do that I will have to get an estimate to build a smaller replacement.

As the weather has improved, and since the folks will not be cooking Sunday dinner until Madre recovers from her hospital visits, I decided to go to the Olive Garden in Muncie to spend out the remaining funds in my gift card. It was a good meal. The rest of the day I spent at the Bracken, writing Web pages that fill out the andywest.org site just before I begin the process of closing down the Dysmey Post.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 9 March 2008.