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the iffy weekend

I had wanted to do a lot this weekend, but it did not work as I wanted. It was worse.

I wanted to reseed the yard. I bought two bags of seed, a very unweildy bag of fertilizer and a role of something from Dupont that was essentially hay firmed up with a biodegradable plastic mesh. But I underestimated how much fertilizer I needed. And the mat was very hard to work with because the mesh kept getting stuck on itself, forcing me to cut through it to unroll it.

In the end I set up three sections of yard as experiments:

I sprayed down the sections after I put down the grass seed. I did not need to water the sections for the past several days due to the rain.

Next I wanted to crawl under the house. I bought coveralls for that purpose. But, once I opened the crawlspace hatch and looked at it hard, I realized that there was no way in the Seven Skank Pits that I was ever going to fit in that hole. I turns out that it was the same for Vickie at her house; she had someone widen the hole for her.

Then I was eating a bowl of popcorn when I bit down on a kernel and broke off part of a tooth, my right front lower molar. I had to rush to the drugstore in Gas City to buy some tooth plaster. The chunk did not look as big as it feels with my tongue. I have had to chew on the left side of my mouth. I also had to schedule an emergency appointment to get the tooth fixed. Today, with the holes resealed with filling (both the broken part and the old filling removed), I learn that there is an even nastier crack in that tooth. I will be getting (drumroll, please) a crown!

Fortunately my insurance will pay for most of it, but I will have to dig into my budget to pay the rest.

On Sunday I got out a new bucket to clean the kitchen floor around the cat bowls. (My cat is a messy eater.) I then decided, now that I got the mop out, that I might as well clean the bathroom. I moped the floor and the shower stall, scrubed the bog, clean out the sink, recaulked the shower stall and replaced the shower head.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 1 April 2008.