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spring vacation 2008, part 1

It is the middle of my vacation. Now that spring has decided to hang around for awhile, I mowed my grass, pulled a few blatantly obvious weeds, washed the car, and finished clearing out the wood pile behind the shed.

It started last Friday, which itself started with a rumble just as the sun rose. I was awake when I felt it. I thought the motor in the refrigerator was on its last legs, causing the appliance to "walk". But when I got out of bed and went into the kitchen, the refrigerator was fine. I went back to bed and thought nothing more about it until I later heard about the earthquake on the radio.

Earthquakes are rare in Indiana. When they do occur, the tremors tend to travel up a fault line that bisects nearby Madison County north-south and that may extend into mine. I never experienced an earthquake until the summer of 1986. Then, as with last Friday, I was in bed when the quake hit.

There was an interesting variation in reactions to the earthquake.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 21 April 2008.