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spring vacation 2008, part 2

As I sit at my computer, I can look out the upper room window (the one I replaced last fall) and see the people go by. Sometimes they are walking dogs. Sometimes they are pushing baby carriages. There seem to be a lot of babies and young children around for a town with the highest average age in the county.

I look at the lawns and find that they look so green and perfect compared to mine, which is green — mostly. My lawn has bare spots, especially around the maple tree when the sunlight has trouble reaching. Then there is the big dip next to the basketball court; when it rains it turns into a pond. Yet I found a lot of violets, purple and white, growning in the dip.

I visited the library this morning. The closing for the buildings next door came about last Wednesday. I figured it had already happened from the dumpster being in front of them. Linda the librarian confirmed this.

My next-door neighbor was getting himself and his son ready for local summer baseball. It is several weeks late for that sort of thing, he tells me. I don't doubt why, because the problems with local summer baseball have been in the local paper for weeks. The old baseball group was striped of official support by the town council while it was signing kids up for this year. A new group had to be organized quickly and to get approval from the council. Then the council ordered the equipment in its park sheds cleared out; the old group walked away with the equipment, which it sold to pay off a vending machine contract, even though ownership of the equipment was in dispute. Anyway, it is done, it is over with, and practice started this evening.

You can tell I have done little today except pay off my house insurance for this year and to visit Sam's Club in Kokomo.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 22 April 2008.