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spring is here: we are doing yard work

The past week has been very pleasant, by which most other people mean cool and windy, which I suppose most other people do not like because they cannot run around in their bathing suits in this weather. But I like the weather because I can do outside stuff without cooking like an oven.

And I have done some outdoor stuff, mostly of the lawn-mowing variety. A couple of nights ago I broke out the older reel mower, which has seen better days because it had been sitting in my sister's garage since I moved out of her house after she returned from her IU stint. But a test sharpening with some gritty blue goop and some WD-40 lubricant, and it mows better than the newer mower. Indeed, my lawn now looks just as good as my neighbors, which is remarkable given how my lawn is a lot rattier.

My next-door neighbor had his chain-link fence pulled out the other day. He will be replacing it with a tall wooden privacy fence. The old fence was not good at keeping the wildlife out or keeping his dog (or his kid) inside; and everyone for blocks around can see what he's doing. Once he gets the fence up, the only ones who will be able to spy inside his yard are the national spy agencies and Google.

Another outdoor thing I did was to lay some mulch in the space between my shed and the basketball court. The laying down of the anti-week cloth and the mulch was the easy part; the hard part of shovelling out the rocks, cleaning the soil off of them, and carrying them to the driveway beside the house. The soil itself I poured on top of some seed near the neighbor's tree to see if it will sprout and provide some more green on the bare spots of my lawn.

The town rummage sale is this Saturday. I will be at the tent for the Friends of the Library book sale that afternoon; but before that I will have my traditional steak dinner to celebrate Caitlin Clarke Day.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 2 May 2008.