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bioshock failure

BioShock kept dying on me this past weekend. I would play it for a time, and then the screen would go blank. If I am lucky, the crash would take me back to Windows. Otherwise, it would force my computer to restart.

I tried everything I can think of to optimize my computer to make it more efficient and therefore keep the game from crashing. I tried running CHKDSK on full mode to scan the entire hard drive. I tried removing unused or unknown programs from the computer. I even tried shut down background services like MySQL and Apache before launching the game. Nothing works.

I then removed BioShock and reinstalled it. Now I have another problem. The BioShock install program has to contact a server at the 2K site in order to activate the program like Windows does. If activation fails, the install program immediately removes the game. But if the activation file itself is corrupt, or if somehow (and I stupidly tried turning off the firewalls) the file is unreachable on the Internet, bye-bye BioShock.

I have decided to just leave the game off the computer for the time being. I have work on the house to do, anyway; and I have work to do on the Janovac (Fedora-based personal server); and BioShock was getting to be too much of a distraction.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 2 June 2008.