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no more bioshock and the janovac reborn

Okay, I gave the BioShock install another go, and this time I copied the 2K folder to the desktop to ensure that the installation program does not erase it when I get tired of old file corrupto on the 2K server side. But without activation the BioShock file is just another storage spot that Windows cannot identify as a Win32 executable.

This act of folly is more than made up for by Fedora 9 Sulphur on the Janovak. At long last Fedora got the drivers for the video circuitry on the pico-ITX motherboard right. GNOME/X can run properly on my monitor and not go into an endless cycle of monitor adjustment like the last two versions of Fedora did.

Also, Fedora 9 has an easier install routine. Keyboard, language and install media are now configured in text mode. Network, hard disk and root password are done next. Only then is the install configuration handled. This is a nice change from the old install routine on the previous versions.

The Janovac is something that I will be working on later this week. I want to reinstall it, get it up-to-date, and start work on the Web server, the database server, and Samba. But I will not work on it tonight, because I have a Friends of the Library meeting this evening.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 3 June 2008.