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early summer vacation, part 2


I arranged a visit to the veternarian this afternoon for Isis. I bought the new larger pet carrier some time ago for this very occasion. Isis could move around inside it, but she was not a happy kitty, anyway. But she was a very well-behaved kitty with the veternarian and her assistant as she was weighed, bled for a distemper test, given her rabies shot and deworming medicine.

I went to the recycling place to dump my cardboard, but found it was closed on Mondays. So instead I went to Lowe's and bought a bag of sand/cement to close up the cracks in my front sidewalk and mini-patio. If I have any remaining, I will work on the one of the walks from my back door to the court and shed.


I had intended to go to Purdue today, but I got up too late. It is just as well, for the weather is miserably hot today.

I did go to Ball State, though. I visited the QuickClinic that the University set up for its employees. The nurse practitioner examined the sprained toe (which was a nice variety of colors, mostly bruise), wrapped the toe steady, and gave me some bandages and tape to rewrap the toe when necessary. She also got me a prescription for ibuprofen. I ate lunch in Muncie, visited Lowe's briefly, and went home.

This afternoon I tried out the original Janovac pico-ITX computer one more time. And, one more time, it just lights up the power supply and does nothing else. I have retired it for the foreseeable future. The current Janovac works just fine.

As the lights began to dim, I decided to go out to the patio. There I pulled out the weeds and soil from the big crack across the middle. Then I poured that mixture of sand and cement I bought Sunday into the crack and smoothed it out. Then I sprayed the sealed crack with water, just enough to get the mixture wet and to let me scrape off the excess.


It's mow the lawn day this morning as the cold front gave way to cooler weather. Later in the afternoon I raked up the excess clippings, then sealed the cracks in the front walk with sand/cement.

This evening was the library board meeting. Most of the discussion was on the budget, which this year is complicated by the new budget rules set forth by the General Assembly out the heat of property tax hikes in the major cities, and by the move from the old building to the new one. The former is complicated enough that we had to hold off any decisions (apart from those on staff compensation) until next month. I myself signed up to help move the library stuff from the old building to the new sometime next month.

I finally filled the gas tank and did some grocery shopping in prep for the trip to Purdue tomorrow.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 9 July 2008.