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an august miscellany

My sisters have returned from their camping trip, which was cut short after the older of the two busted her leg. I learned that the "pin", which holds the two bones steady, is in fact a bar inserted to keep the leg from twisting. While she is recuperating, I am doing certain tasks for her, like getting books from the Bracken.

My office is without an office manager after she left to work as an office manager with a magnesium recycler in Anderson. We have a hard-working student assistant working her desk until a new manager is found.

My first Whoosier Network meeting in months was strangely uneventful. The after-meeting trip to Pizzeria Uno was somewhat of a disappointment: I got the famous pizza, which was delicious, but no soup or dessert because the fixings have been locked up for the night. (C'mon!)

After weeks with minimal rain, a cold front brought torrents of rain and thunder last Tuesday. That will make the lawn happy, even if I had to keep the windows shut. But the wonder is that we got storms at all: Here in Fairmount they tend to pass us by. The big storms hit Marion, and the cities to the south (I see sheets of rain from inside the library), but never seem to strike Fairmount.

The last part for my lawn mower has yet to arrive. I have had to use the old lawn mower on the lawn last Saturday; due to its narrower width (16"), it takes longer to mow the lawn.

I have to remind myself to catch my neighbor and show him my recommendations on push-reel mower for his relative. The Brill is very expensive … to me, although there are most conventional motorized lawn mowers are pricier. However, its blades are shielded, and its handle is a single adjustable bar. It would be well suited to an old lady who cannot pull on the ignition cord of a conventional mower.

The order for the books from Oni Press hasn't come in, either. I am missing Courtney. She reminds me too much like me when I was a kid, except for the magic and perhaps the goblins.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 6 August 2008.