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labor day 2008

I have noticed that at one time PBS would broadcast a Labor Day special called, appropriately, The Labor Day Show. But I have not seen it anymore. I guess all that corporate sponsorship has gotten to the network. That, and the fact that people take it as a given that Labor Day is the unofficial end of the summer season.

Anyway, I have been very busy between my last summer vacation and Labor Day. I was occupied with putting new software on the library iMacs, then moving new printers to the branch libraries (but not installing them — a long story that is not yet resolved), then experimenting on a copy of Cardinal Scholar.

And there is so much else to do after the Labor Day weekend.

I had hoped that there would be so much to do during the weekend with the new town library. However, the stacks need more parts that have to be ordered. And the Internet connection will take three weeks to be transfered to the new building because AT&T said so. (I bet you miss the old Bell monopoly, do you?) The big opened will have to wait until October; and the big Museum Days book sale will have to be held in a tent once again.

I had a friend in high school, whose father was the chief doctor in town. He was also my personal physician when I had my physical examination prior to becoming a Ball State University student. That doctor passed away this week, and I attended his wake last week. I saw my friend, and had a long chat with my folks' next door neighbor, who used to be the doctor's receptionist.

My high school class is having a reunion this year. This will be a lot more organized than the last time. It will not be held during Museum Days. It will not be held in some far-off place. And, hopefully, there will be more people show up.

It has not rained here in weeks. I watered my lawn a couple of times, but then gave it up as a waste of water. My neighbors haven't given up, though. The good part is that I can mow my lawn once a week instead of once every four or five days.

Do not be surprised by the shift from one blog site to another in the coming weeks. I have been uneasy about the change of ownership of my current blog host since its sale to a company whose country has lots of blogs on the host but whose State has become more and more hostile. The war that State has been fighting in a neighboring country has turned that uneasy into distress.

I decided that it is now time to change blog sites. My own Web host, Hostway, has its own blog software, SiteBlog; with which I can tweak my own site the way I like it. I will try it and, if I am satisfied, I will switch over from the current blog site. There will still be a Dysmey Blog; it will just be elsewhere on the Internet.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 1 September 2008.