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Library Week

It has been a long week.


At work I reimaged all five of the new MacBooks. They'd head into circulation if they were properly inventoried; and until they are, they are not going anywhere. Same for the new iMacs, which I finished an image for; but I hope the inventory numbers arrive before the Friday of next week, when I plan to deploy them.

The Architecture Library finally gets its new printer. Unlike the last time the printer, its driver software, its print job release station, and all the workstations in the branch worked out well. I did have trouble with printing from the laptops; but instructions from the fine tech folks at PrinterOn got that fixed.

local library

In town I attended two local library meetings on back-to-back days: The Friends of the Library on Tuesday and the Library Board on Wednesday. Both had the same theme this month: The new library. It is not surprising, since our librarian had closed the current library when the Internet connection was moved from one building to the other.

During the past week, most of the books have already been moved over or boxed up ready to be moved. During this past Saturday almost the boxed books, most of the shelving, office equipment and computers have been moved, too. The process has taken all morning and much of the afternoon, especially since the shelving is unweildy. The Gas City librarian and a cadre of teen volunteers came over and helped set up the childrens section. The tall signpost outside the new library is painted, and the sign itself has been hoisted.

The current library will serve as a meeting room and genealogy section. It also holds the reference books until such time as the librarian finds a place for them in the new library.


It has been either cool and dry or, more recently, warm and dry. The common word is dry! The rainless weather has been speeding along the turning of the leaves from green to various warm colors.

The grass has not grown much in the over two weeks since I mowed it last. So, there was not all that much to mow. More leaves fell, and I stuffed them into a yard bag. The town has yet to deploy leaf sweepers.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 12 October 2008.