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Election Day 2008

Fairmount has always had low voter turnout. That is the reason why the town hall got only two voting machines. It got two voting machines even though the district for north Fairmount and the one for the township except the hamlet of Fowlerton now have the same polling place.

This is why, when I showed up at the town hall, there was a line of at least thirty people, extending out of the back door of the hall and into the parking lot. I had to wait at least an hour to confirm my identity (with my new driver's license), sign my name in the registration book, and vote.

After warning my folks about the long lines, I made it to work at 9:30 a.m. Now I will have to work over my lunch break.

My attitudes towards the candidates have already been gone over in the last entry. I would like to add something about all this talk about change. Change is certainly not the word as used by those who worship the Clock in colleges and news rooms, who intone in hashed voices that we cannot turn back/around/off the Clock.

Change is the right word only in the sense of change for a dollar.

The politicians are trying to buy the voters with the loose change from the moral capital that the American people has been living off of since World War II. This is why they talk about values (they cannot very well talk about faith, can they?), service, honor and suchlike to win the votes of those who remember (or wish they could remember) the days before the War.

The difference between the two is that one honors his opponent for his service to his country while pointing out his opponent's support of El Dubya and his remarkable incompetence in war and at home. The underlings of the other spew slanders like inexperience (from a guy in his late 40's?), radical, tax and spend (as opposed to spend with money from China?), associate with terrorists, crypto-Muslim, and (everyone's favorite) baby-killer.

It is amazing that everyone is jamming into the polling places in large numbers for the first time in living memory, to exact upon the party in power the punishment for its greed, incompetence and lying folly; and to reward the other party for, at long last, picking a candidate both electable and free of oozing bubbling moral slime.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 4 November 2008.