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Late Autumn 2008

bitter cold

It has been a stay-inside weekend.

Well, I did rake and bag most of the leaves from the other tree on Saturday. That pretty much takes care of leaf-raking for the year.

heroes tree

I finished the set of ornaments, one of which will go on the Heroes Tree in the library. I will take the ornament to the library tomorrow morning.

isis is ill

My main worry right now is for my cat Isis. For the past few days she has had difficulty walking, as her hind legs would collapse on her with every ten or twenty steps. She has had to clamber up on surfaces no higher than a foot off the floor. Jumping is no longer possible for her. At first I feared the effects of a spider bite (there are lots of brown recluse spiders in my area) or of something she ate. My folks and sister the teacher suspect a dislocated hip, which sound more reasonable. The local veternarian will determine what is wrong tomorrow.


I also planned to use vacation time tomorrow for a dentist's visit. But my dentist has decided to leave early, so I have had to come in at 4:00 this afternoon. That means I have had to forgo my lunch break to make up the lost time. Annoyance!!

good dismissal

It is not just the vet and dentist visits that I took Veterans Day off. It is also the fifth anniversary of my dismissal from the Bank. That dismissal led to the job I have now. It was the best thing that has happened to me. It is even better, knowing that the bosses who fired me have been forced out themselves. I want to celebrate! Olive Garden, here I come!!

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 10 November 2008.