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Veterans Day 2008

I took Veterans Day off in order to make appointments with the veterinarian and the dentist on one day. It did not work out that way.

The dentist decided on the afternoon off on Veterans Day, so I had to come in on Monday afternoon to have my teeth cleaned and examined. I am good for another six months.

This morning I delivered my Heroes Tree ornament to the library, and give another copy of the ornament (and a birthday card) to Madre. Then I put the cat in the pet carrier and drove her to the vet. No, she does not like being carried around like that.

It was found that my cat injured her back at mid-spine. It was not a hip dislocation. The doctor gave the cat a non-steroid anti-inflammatory shot, and me some medicine to keep the inflammation down until she heals. But the ultimate cause of the cat's injury was her weight. Fifteen pounds is obese for a cat, and I was told that the injury will recur if I do not get her weight down. So, I have dietary food for the cat to eat as part of a six-month regiment to get her weight down to nine pounds.

After I got the cat home, I drove to Muncie to eat at the Olive Garden. I ate there to celebrate the fifth anniversary of my dismissal from the Bank. It turned out to be the best thing that happened to me, so I had the best meal I had in a while. After getting an oil/lube change for my car, I returned home.

I have revived work on the Janovac, a tiny server using a VIA ARTiGO kit based on the Pico-ITX motherboard. It takes awhile to set it up, not because of the installation itself but because of the updates, which can take hours because of all the components in a Fedora system.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 11 November 2008.