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XMas 2008

XMas is here and just about gone.

It was a nice, sunny but cold day for a walk to the folks house for the giving and receiving of gifts and the XMas dinner of ham and picnic sides. At home I watched part of my XMas gift of Doctor Who season four (the one with Catherine Tate as Donna Noble). Also among the gifts are clothes and gift cards to Olive Garden.

My gifts to the family were bathing salts and camping utenstil sets to my sisters, the latest Clive Cussler novel and a Levenger grocery coupon organizer for Madre, a pocket multi-tool for Padre and gift cards to Wally World for the nieces.

I will keep the XMas tree up until after New Years Day. Then it is back in the box until next year.

Oh, I forgot the new SAS shoes I bought several weeks ago. They were meant as an XMas gift, too, except that the folks were not willing to drive all the way to Lafayette to buy them, so they gave me the money to buy them. Then I wrapped the box as an XMas gift from Santa. I also got an unusual set of braces with hooks that hold up a belt, making both a redundant pants-retaining system.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 25 December 2008.