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Farewell, LiveJournal

I got an e-mail from LiveJournal.

As has been reported, we had staff cuts at LiveJournal Inc. this week. … The cuts were part of a restructuring that shifted global design and product development to the LiveJournal office in Moscow. Product decisions for the English-language site will still be made in the U.S., and LiveJournal Inc. remains headquartered in San Francisco. You can read more about the reasoning behind the restructuring here.

Here are the as has been reporteds.

I have had enough of this. I had hoped the purchase could be reversed by some other, non-Russian company buying out LiveJournal. But the current depression means that nobody has the capital to make such a purchase even if they wanted to. And now only the financial and technical folks remain in the States; all the Web talent for LiveJournal resides in bugger-all-the-world Russia.

After reading this, I closed my account this afternoon. Let Живой Журнал rot. I am getting on with my life.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 9 January 2009.