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Andy's Birthday 2009


It's my birthday today, and let's just say that I am one year away from being old enough to apply for membership in the AARP. It is not something to look forward to for someone of my generation. But at least I get a pork roast dinner on Sunday.


The cold this week is painful. We are talking -10°C to -20°C. I marvel that my car starts in it. The cold keeps the roads icy, so I have to drive slowly to stay out of the ditches. For that reason I have been coming in late in the morning and working late in the evening to compensate.


Work is sluggish because I have either completed projects or because projects are stymied due to odd details. In one, I would like to set up SSL for the Apache Web server that underlies an important piece of software; but I want to test this first and I cannot get the appropriate certificates for this. In another, people keep losing the ability to log on the campus network from the Macs because the Active Directory recycles its accounts fortnightly, knocking the Macs off the network and forcing me to rebind them.


My cat Isis is off the medicine now. She looked like she was doing fine at first. Now it appears that her back is achey again. She's down under the bottom stair, where she gets back support. It is disappointing. Of course, it is possible that the cold is aggrevating her back. I will talk with the vet Monday, when I have my day off.


Last night the Grant County Council had reappointed me to the Fairmount Library Board for a term of four years. The Library Board itself could not meet last night because the library had to close early due to the blizzardy weather. By the time it will meet next Wednesday I hope to get the appointment document signed and notarized.

It is time for me to make myself familiar with Robert's Rules of Order and to improve my handwriting for the new minutes book this year.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 16 January 2009.