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That's One Friday the 13th Out Of Three

The weather is more or less back to normal. The big wind from the day before last has come and gone. I have yet to look over my house, because by the time I return home it is too dark to see the house clearly. But I do not expect anything serious.

The warmer weather has almost completely melted away the big snow of last month. It has lost me a vacation day; but I suppose that is one of the reasons why vacation days are there. That snow, and the rains that came with the big wind, turned my yard into a pond for a day or two.

My cat has more or less her normal self again. Well, she is normal for a cat who has a large patch of fur on her back shaved off. It's kind of freaky, but it will grow back in time.

On the unbound Macs, I really did not expect my co-workers to have been able to rebind the Macs at work to the University Active Directory server in my absence. I really must stop doubting their skills and abilities. I had to finish rebinding of the boxes, but the rest work okay.

An experiment is coming which, if it works okay, will bring real touchscreen print-job release stations to the library. Something will be coming, anyway, because the current one-piece stations are beyond obsolete. Even the company that made the stations no longer exists (it is being liquidated as I type), so support for them is no longer forthcoming.

Friday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky day. (And there will be two more unlucky days this year.) I have had no cause to complain until the afternoon. Then someone sent me an insulting message to my e-mail account at work. It never occurred to the foolish fellow that the headers on an e-mail, even one written on a Yahoo! Webmail form, would include the sender's IP address. And, while I could not use standard Internet utilities at work, I could at home. And with those I was able to trace the message back to at least its network of origin. That was enough for me to identify this fellow.

In the nearly five years that I have worked for the University, I have been patient and tolerant of other people, so that I may work well with them. But this underhanded attack is the sort of thing I will not tolerate. I do not know what his problem is. It does not matter to me now. It will matter to him, because I intend to give him as little support for his projects as I can get away with for as long as he continues to work at the University.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 13 February 2009.