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Pentecost 2009

The green push-reel lawn mower had a right wheel that would not move when I pushed the mower. I disassembled the wheel to find the source of the damage, but could not find it. Giving up, I bought a new push-reel from Lowe's and, at Madre's suggestion, gave the green mower to my sister the editor.

Well, she and my brother Bill, who was here this Sunday for lunch and to take one of his cars home, found that adjusting the strike plate fixed the mower. My sister is keeping the mower, anyway. I have no need for it, as the new mower works well. And I know what to do when the new mower sticks.

I have gotten all the iMacs reimaged this past week. I have found that the image I made for the Reference iMacs also works for the ones in Educational Resources. Now I can work on the MacBooks as soon as I replace the kiosks for the CardCat system, and the new wireless printing system. That should take a couple of weeks this coming month.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 31 May 2009.