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Omedetô gozaimasu, Mink-san

I would like to extended belated congratulations to Maiko 'Mink' Covington on her wedding and on her new and happy life.

The wedding of the Mink was on 8 May 2009 in a park near the University of Illinois Champlain-Urbana campus where she works. But I only now discovered on a rare revisit to her blog.

I doubt she would remember me, as it has been years since I translated her 'ideal society' stuff into a Web page (still reachable, but as a text file, at here). But I do remember her from her remembrances of life in high school in Japan.

I would visit her Web site (when it was on the fondly remembered TCP.COM, also known as Venice) and then blog (on LiveJournal) frequently until several years ago. Now I visit every couple of months or so, as her entries became less frequent. That was why the wedding caught me by surprise. It caught a lot of other people off guard, too, judging from some of the comments.

But that does not stop me from wishing the Mink the best in her future life. :)

(I would have liked to do the congratulations on her blog; but it only allows LJ users to do that; and I ditched LJ, objecting to its current overlords.)

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 5 June 2009.