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Early Summer Vacation 2009, Part III

new cat

On Thursday afternoon my sister the teacher reported that she had finally captured Thyme in the cat carrier. I drove over, picked up Thyme, and drove her to her new home. Evidently my sister was a little rough with Thyme, who has hyperactive tendencies to begin with. The moment I opened the carrier, she ran into hiding, first behind the bathroom door, then underneath a small cabinet in the bathroom.

There Thyme hid until the next day, when I had to gently push her out of the bathroom so that I could take a shower. Whereupon Thyme found the one hiding place that Isis could never have fitted in: The space behind the furnace. There she laid all day, soon making me wonder whether she would sit there all day without eating, drinking or going to the box. Admittedly I was starting to worry.

Then, as I laid in bed after an exhausting day of yard work, a little gray head peered into the room, followed by a sleek grey/pink body. Thyme had decided to come out and explore the house. I lost an hour of sleep keeping Thyme entertained, but I was hartened to know that she had decided to give her new home a chance. She still hides out behind the furnace during the day, but at least she is eating and, um, uneating.

new car

I had to do some cleanup with the new car. I took the title for the Aspire down to the car dealer and sign it over to them. I can expect the dealer to send over the title information for the new car (not the title itself, which the bank holds until I pay off the loan), so that I can get my new car registered with the State. I am told that I will be good with my current license plate for up to three weeks. Meanwhile I have visited the Ball State Parking Services to get a temporary sticker for my car, so that I can park in the staff areas.

the war against plantain

I have been fighting a battle with the plantain that grow uncontrollably throughout my yard. Over the course of a day and a half I have pulled up two yard bags full of the weeds. In my side driveway I have poured salt on the plantain to destroy them, and I plan to dig up the plantain that line the side of the driveway. I want this crap destroyed because their thick, broad leaves kill the grass underneath them. I know I cannot get them all, but I can get enough of them to reduce their numbers enough for the next weed-and-feed application to nail the rest.


Until today it had not rained all week, and my yard was starting to look dry. In fact the only green was the plantain. The rain may seem a rotten end to a vacation, but the yard could certainly use the rain it got.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 10 July 2009.