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Post-Vacation Work

My new cat Thyme is adapting very well to her new home. She has made herself very comfortable inside her new hiding places (behind couch, under bed and under stairs). She will be even more comfortable (but not as happy) once I get some flea medicine on her.

I am adapting somewhat better to my new car, esp. now that I learned how to work the paddle gear-shifting and buttons on the radio. I never owned a car with power steering/windows/everything else before, and it is rather an adjustment. I tried my iPod Shuffle on the USB and auxillary ports, but the car audio circuitry does not recognize the Shuffle.

I am within one more step to getting the new wireless laptop printing system so that users can log on to it securely. Once that is finished, the system will be ready for campus use. I also have the MacBooks to reimage, and the one remaining print job release station to replace which I cannot until I get the new wireless printing system ready.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 14 July 2009.