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Mid-July 2009 Miscellany

flealess and furious

When Thyme's flea medicine came in the mail, I decided to put it on her and get it over with. It was quite a chase around the house with a tube of medicine on one hand. But I managed to corner her under a typing table in my bedroom and apply the medicine to the back of her neck.

Unfortunately, when Thyme feels the fear, she loses control of her basic bodily functions. I should have remembered that: Back in 2002 I had to feed Thyme antibiotic to cure her of a fever; and every time I did she would whizz. It was a good thing I put her on a countertop to do that; the countertop is easy to clean. This time Thyme did more than whizz, and I had to clean up the mess and scrub the carpet around the deposition point.

Thyme avoided me for the next day or so before she returned to normal. It helped that I washed her favorite pillow and put it on her favorite chair. She is quite comfortable now.

In the meantime I will use the bathroom as the place to medicate her — and to put her in the carrier for her planned trip to the vet next month.


I wanted to move my old domain name, dysmey.org, from Network Solutions to Hostway to simplify administration. The problem is that, despite several attempts every couple of months, I keep failing. This time I even called Network Solutions for help in getting the domain transfered. But I still can't get it transferred. In the end I have simply given up.

I have no use for dysmey.org on Network Solutions. I cannot even redirect it to my current Web site; Network Solutions allows only redirections within it. So it just hangs there. I may have to abandon the domain name when it expires next year.

summer tasks are nearly done

I have gotten the MacBooks reimaged. I have replaced all the print job release stations. I have replace the print driver for the public printer in the Architecture Library. The new wireless laptop printing service is up and running. I have even upgraded the CardCat feature on the University Libraries Toolbar, and the toolbar itself to run on Firefox 3.5, and even wrote an article for it in the library newsletter.

My next big task for the fall is to study for, and the test for, the Apple Certified Support Professional 10.5 before the next version of Mac OS X comes out.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 19 July 2009.