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Back Roof 2: Chore Day

I took this Friday off in order to get to my hometown bank early. I acquired the funds I needed to pay the first half of the estimate to Handy Randy, the gentleman who will repair my back roof.

Now I will have to wait for the gentleman to find the time to work on the roof. He has a lot of trays in his work stack, the top tray being the faucet in the folks' kitchen and the hose faucet in back. The new faucet looks very nice — but has nothing to hook it up to the folks’ dishwasher.

While the gentleman was working on the faucets, I was doing such chores for the folks, that they can no longer do. I trimmed the back hedge, and raked the resulting débris; I ran my week-whacker over the overly tall grasses in the side yard along Walnut Street; and I cleaned out the maple seedlings that were growing in the gutters along the back porch and garage. After all that came my own chore of mowing my own lawn. By the evening I was exhausted.

Nabiki, my living room computer, crashed this evening as I was running Windows Update. The problem was not Windows, as it turns out. An attempt to install Fedora 13 revealed a fault in the core memory. It looks like I will have to replace it. That will have to wait while the major work on this year, the back roof repair, goes on.

This gives Isis, my Pico-ITX box in the bedroom, a leg up. I moved it to the living room, removed its wireless network dongle, and plugged the network cable into it. Isis is limited to VGA, and its 800-MHz processor makes it a bit slow. Otherwise, it works like a claim once I re-enabled its network port in Windows.

I called IMI Pipe Creek, a local gravel business, to see if they could send over some gravel for the driveway. It turns out they need a day’s notice; they do not deliver on weekends; and they accept cash or check only on delivery. It looks like I will have to wait until my next vacation (planned for the last week in June) to re-gravel my driveway.

Posted on the Dysmey Blog on 28 May 2010.