After and in Between the Birthday

I have not gotten to my long weekend birthday.

Birthday dinner on Sunday at Madre’s: Fried chicken, mashed spud, green beans and German chocolate cake with cocoanut icing. Normally I would go with pork roast, but we had that two weeks before.

Birthday dinner on Monday at Olive Garden: Chicken scampi, supa Toscana, breadsticks with alfredo dip, and tiramisu.

I also visited Fry's Electronics to buy a two-terabyte hard drive for my file server. The hard drive is the only thing I can expand on my server, because its motherboard was chosen so that I need not submit to the temptation of expanding it as I do my main box.

I am buying the drive at all because I want to update the software on the file server without having to trash the existing hard drive and its data.

So far I have tried FreeBSD 10.1, Fedora Server 21 and Fedora Workstation. FreeBSD crashes too often; Fedora Workstation has that damn GNOME visual interface; and it looks like I will have to live with Fedora Server. At least I got nginx to work in place of Apache, which has become too unwieldy.

Oh, and the Before, After & In Between book arrived a week or so ago. Loved it. Thanks, Yuj!