Compulsory Civil Service: Just Die Already!

I had thought this nonsense had died. But the senile generation — who got drunk on the camaraderie that went with the home front during the Second World War — who are the same kind of fools who think rationing builds character — just will not let it go. To quote my local paper:

In view of the recent violent riots in Baltimore and to some extent in other cities across the country, perhaps another look at a proposal for universal national service would be appropriate.

No, it is not appropriate. I have already gone through the reasons why compulsory civil service is no more than involuntary servitude without due process, and the reasons are as true now as they were in 2007. But what makes this worse is that using the abuse of power by corrupt urban police as an excuse, not just for enslaving black youth but every other young adult as well, is despicable beyond belief. Why won't the editor of the local paper just send that old fool away like he did author Cathy Scouse?