End of Spring Vacation 2015

Today is the birthday of my favorite actress. (Here is how she got that way.)

I have updated The Caitlin Clarke Page so that it is viewable on mobile devices. Admittedly I was not in a rush to do that, so the pages looked very tiny on my iPod. However, Google has threatened to push mobile-hostile sites down its search ratings unless they adapt. So it is done. And the text is readable on my iPod, although I may have to work on the main page's link strip.

I normally eat a formal meal on Ms. Clarke's birthday, as I have done since the early 1990's. However, I have had to move the meal to Saturday afternoon at the Olive Garden. Her birthday falls on a Sunday this year, conflicting with the family dinner.

I spend an hour or so at the library annex during the Book Sale. I did not want to spend so little time, especially as the librarian was pulling supplies out a back closet, which have not been touched since the 1980's or even earlier. (Does any library use binding tape anymore? Not the type that combines string and adhesive, evidently.) However, I needed to accompany Madre during the town rummage sales this past Saturday. Madre bought some flowers and a retro-style lamp for my sister the editor. The lamp was recommended by me, partly because I like the lamp and my own taste tends to be similar to my sister's, and partly because I wanted Madre to meet my neighbors, who were holding the rummage.