File Server Update

It has been awhile, but I have been busy.

First, you may have (tried to) read my Esperanto commentary about the violent reaction of Internet ◊◊◊◊s to the actions of my state's legislature. It is pathetic. Indiana is the ultimate flyover state, and most of the ◊◊◊◊s attacking the state would normally never give it the time of day. This has nothing to do with rights, which are now little more than privileges of the government upon its favorites. Since when were those ◊◊◊◊s the favorites of anyone? All they have done is give the rightists all reason (and ammo) to further suppress and spy on the Internet, and to force real fighters of Internet freedom to work all the harder. Thanks for nothing, ◊◊◊◊s. We hate you, too.

Anyway, I have almost finished working with my file server. I got the Web server (nginx), Web script (PHP) and database (MariaDB) installed and running. It has taken so long because I have had to learn how to install everything in command-line mode. I am using Fedora Server 21, and as a server there is no visual interface. This is just as well, because a visual interface — GNOME, KDE, even XFCE — takes too many resources that can be put to use by the Web and database servers.

Also, I am switching from Apache (which is too overloaded) to nginx, whose configurations are simpler to master. Remaining steps include loading the database with my blood sugar data and reactiving my glucose monitoring site.

Something momentous is coming this weekend, but for security reasons I cannot say what.