First Summer Vacation

I am near the end of my first summer vacation. I have not gone anywhere this week, except the Apple Store. I spent most of the week getting my car worked on and working on hanging my framed posters.

The third of July fireworks were as impressive as ever this year. I had the strawberries and ice cream from Main Street Fairmount — then got some for Madre after telling her about it.

It was raining most of last week. The rain swelled up Back Creek and made the ground around it slush. Some guy left a party on Friday and was found later face down in the creek, after having slipped and fell in. Not good.

My vacation started with the delivery bay at the Bracken having flooded so badly that it flowed down the hall and into some of the work areas. That has never happened before in all the time I have been there. The drainage must be totally stopped.

My teacher in kindergarten at Allen Elementary School in Marion passed away at the amazing age of 95. I remember going to the local apple orchard for a field trip. It was one of the few good memories of Allen. I sent condolences.