Winter Is Pain

After a mild start of the year, the winter decided to assert itself. The weather for the past month has been cold and very, very dry. The hot water pipe to the bathroom sink has frozen twice this past month. And the weather has been hard on myself and on my cat. But we have persevered.

That, working on my server, and working on Minecraft, has kept me from updating my blog this past month.

My car has managed to survive as well, despite the bitter cold and the need for an oil/lube job that I had not forced myself to get until the end of the month. I have had to take a day off on the last Friday to get that oil and lube — and battery replacement after it was found to be almost out of juice.

Part of my problem was that something expired at the end of January. I have had to visit a branch office of my bank every time I needed to buy groceries. The only good part of this is that I did not spend much during the month. A new something finally arrived today.

I have been working on my file server, trying FreeBSD 10 and Fedora Server 21. I have been forced to settle for the latter, despite its problematic systemd, because a FreeBSD server will not boot at all. I can get Fedora Server to acknowledge itself on my network, but the Web server (nginx, not apache anymore) is not visible. It is probably a firewall issue that I will need to work out.