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Ars Apple Hip Hype

Ars Technica's ex-Cæsar has some words for the Steve's plans for the Web, about which I have written my own essay. The words end with these two paragraphs:

So in the end we're left with a) an open platform where Apple is willing to toy with Web publishers, modify their content presentation, and suppress their ads, and b) Apple's curated, closed platform, where everything is done by Apple's rules or it's not done at all.

On its own, a) is understandable. On its own, b) is understandable. But a) + b) = hypocrisy, unless Apple is going to allow users to suppress iAds, for free, on Apps that use iAds in the App Store.

To the re-tarts of the Apple camp, his Cæsaritas replied that if the iAds are so good that no reasonable person would block them — then put it to the test and allow blocking.

The flying flans of comments has made once-Cæsar feel the need to explain himself with a long list of bullet points, to which I add my own comments:

My sister the editor will hang me by my little toes for that last one. But at least I didn't dress like a Protector from the Bioshock series to her graduation just to piss off my old school … however tempting it may have been.

I think I milked enough fruit and cooking puns out of this. Maybe Ars ought to write an app called Cooking Mama: The Ars Edition, Starring Jacqui Chang!

Written by Andy West on 29 June 2010.