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the web and related issues

Ars Apple Hip Hype
Ars Apple app article proves flannable.
Firefox as Theft?
An ad-blocking Firefox browser makes cheezy Web sites cry.
The HTML5 Codec Controversy
A tale of greed and control intruding into hackerdom.
A Tiny Guide to XHTML
Your Web basics in a single page.
What Are Not Web Standards
Ars Apple app article proves flannable.

language issues

Thou canst not kill what business maketh live.
If Programming Languages Were Religions
It would explain so much flamage among programmers.

politics and sociology issues

The Internet Is Not A Flea Market
An attempt to refute the idea that the Web exists to make money.
The Fall of Ars Technica
It was a fine technical site — before Condé Nast came along.
The Funeral Oration of SCO
The (continual) death of SCO, the role of Groklaw, and the myopia of the popular media.

personal technology issues

Adieu, ZoneAlarm
In response to terror advertising, I forsake software that served me well for such a long time.
Snappy Again
The history and fate of the Snappy video capture device.

i, cringely

So Long, Mr. Cringely!
The Accidental Empires author and blogger closes shop on PBS.
Cringely's Predictions for 2011
The author of Accidental Empires, now with his own blog, prognosicates for 2011.


Bioshock: The Condensed Version
The summary of the popular video game series.
What If Operating Systems Were Airlines?
You may well be lucky to reach your destination.
A Venerable Tech Support Tale
This tale of customer inanity from the 1990's never dies.

Written by Andy West on 29 June 2010. Updated 28 January 2011.