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A Tiny Guide to XHTML

A Tiny Guide to XHTML

Tag:  <x> … </x> (except <hr />, <br />, and <img />).


* Basic Page                     * Special Characters
  <html>                           &lt;   <
  <head>                           &gt;   >
      <title> … </title>           &amp;  &
      <!-- web page info -->
  </head>                        * Sections
  <body>                           <p>          paragraph
      <!-- content -->             <h#>         headline (# = 1..6)
  </body>                          <address>    info on author
  </html>                          <blockquote> large quote


* Formatting                    * Lists
  <abbr>    abbreviation          <ul> bulletted list
  <cite>    citation              <ol> numbered list
  <code>    code sample           <li> list item
  <dfn>     defined term
  <em>      emphasis              <dl> definition list
  <pre>     displayed as typed    <dt> term
  <strong>  strong emphasis       <dd> definition


* Links
  <a href="http://here.com">     link to an outside page
  <a href="mailto:me@here.com">  link sending an e-mail
  <a href="#here">               link to anchor in page
  <a id="here">                  anchor in page


* Images                          * Miscellany
  <img src="url" alt="txt" />       <span>   span of text
    src = address of image          <br />   break in text line
    alt = text if no image          <hr />   horizontal line

* Core Attributes
  id    : unique name (esp. for anchors)
  class : class name (esp. for style sheets)
  style : style info (esp. with <span>)
  title : definition (<abbr>, <dfn>),
          amplication (<a>, <span>);
          shows as a tool tip in IE & Mozilla.
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